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When you deal with the gouvernement du Québec over the Internet, your satisfaction is our priority. You will discover how our clicSÉQUR authentication service protects your privacy, and you will find practical advice for safe browsing as well new tips on how to detect and prevent fraud.

Because an Internet user who is forewarned is forearmed, we will also let you know about the latest developments and new security threats.

We Ensure Your Security

Online transactions with the gouvernement du Québec are a serious business. That is why we created clicSÉQUR, a secure service that allows you to manage your interactions with ease and confidence.

Government online security

How Can You Protect Yourself?

clicSÉQUR aims to ensure that your interactions with the departments and agencies of the gouvernement du Québec are conducted securely. For your part you must also take appropriate precautions to ensure your security.

Protect your identity
Protect your computer
Detect fraud

Test Your Knowledge. Since I have excellent anti-virus software on my computer, I can browse the Internet risk free.

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clicSÉQUR is the gouvernement du Québec's authentication service, providing users with a single account, which gives them secure access to the online services of participating gouvernement du Québec departments and agencies.

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